Hi. I’m Zeenat Potia. I teach mindfulness. I raise my kids. I like quiet spaces.

We all have our stories.

Mine is that I came to the United States from India nearly 20 years ago with two suitcases that contained a fair amount of pain. Unpacking those resulted in even more challenges for me as a Muslim born, South Asian woman making a new life as an immigrant, working and paying my way through graduate school, finding my place in the world as a feminist, negotiating care for a mentally ill parent from across the ocean, surviving miscarriages, and navigating postpartum depression and anxiety as a working mother.

Meditation has given me a container to hold my stories, allow them to be seen, and relate to them with compassion and wisdom.

Unlike endeavors that are being driven by an end goal, mindfulness is a practice that we learn to do over and over again. Meditating doesn’t mean that all our pain and troubles will go away, but rather that we gain the tools to meet our challenges and to respond to them skillfully.

The good news is that this path connects to our deepest human values. We’re all in it together.

As I explore, breath by breath, step by step, I invite you to join me and to forge your own path of mindfulness.

Photo by Coco McCabe

Photo by Coco McCabe