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I offer mindfulness/meditation programs for both new and experienced participants.

  • Corporate programs

  • School and university programs

  • Non-profit and community center programs

  • Individual teaching for a range of ages and professions

  • Programs for people of color, parents, and 3–8 year olds, 18–35 year olds.


A typical 1-2 hour-long session with me includes several elements:

  • An introduction to mindfulness and research on its benefits

  • Training in several forms of mindfulness such as awareness of breath, mindful listening, and mindful walking

  • Q&A for further learning

  • Resources to continue practicing mindfulness on a regular basis.


I structure the program to meet your needs. The classes can be weekly, biweekly, or monthly. I also offer day-long or half-day workshops or retreats.


The classes can take place in a conference room in your office, a classroom, or a private residence. No special clothing or equipment is needed.



I regularly partner with medical practitioners and yoga teachers to offer mindfulness classes. If you’d like to explore what this could look like, please reach out. My recent collaborations have included workshops with Coeli Marsh and the Institute for Health and Recovery, Karen Fabian of Bare Bones Yoga, and participation on a panel with Dr. Sara Lazar, a neuroscientist at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.


For pricing and scheduling information, please contact me.

Interested in taking a public class?

I teach several classes at the Cambridge Insight Meditation Center. See their website for details and schedules.